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Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre - To Volunteers

To Volunteers

Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre

In today's world the problem of animals (pets) homelessness is still huge. Many of homeless dogs and cats need our help. There are some enthusiasts who try to help the animals without any financial interest, giving their time and care.
Quite often homeless animals are in a very bad condition (ill treatment, nutritional dystrophy, parasites; traumatic, infectious or toxic shock, polytrauma, stress, etc.).
It's quite often to see old homeless animals, and they need more help, and also cardiologic one.
Veterinary Cardiologic Consulting Centre "VetConsult+" offer free of charge help to volunteers and funds that work with homeless animals.
What can we actually do for you?

If we are really civilized human beings, we aren't to be indifferent to the problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a helping hand to those who really need it!