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Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre - To Drug Manufacturers

To Drug Manufacturers

Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre

Veterinary doctors who work with small domestic animals need high-quality vet medicines. There's a lack of cardiovascular pharmacological remedies.
While developing and promoting veterinary drugs there may appear some difficulties. Our center (Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre "VetConsult+") offer some services to the drug manufacturers. We can help you to do preclinical and clinical tests, evaluate quality and standard of a product.
To evaluate your product in a proper way we will do clinical, electrocardiographic, echocardiographic, hematological, biochemical, epizootological tests and all the necessary statistical calculations.
We dominate professionally the following statistical methods:

The usage of modern clinical, laboratory, instrumental methods of investigation, and also statistical analysis of the results give an opportunity to evaluate effectively a quality of a veterinary drug.
We can help evaluate not only cardiologic remedies but also drugs from other pharmacological groups.
Advantages of working with us: reasonable prices, short terms, high-quality scientific writing, professionalism and text uniqueness.
Also we can offer you advertising and promotion of high-quality veterinary products on our website (and on social networks).

You can always rely on us!