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Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre

Dear friends

Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre

Welcome to the official site of Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre "VetConsult+". The creation of this project is aimed at improving, optimizing and raising a vitality of your pet.
A healthy heart is a base of an active long-term life. Our task is to reach high results in the treatment of heart diseases. Our aim is to improve pets' life quality. Our approach is based on a long-term work experience in veterinary cardiology, also it is about using modern methods of diagnostics, pharmacological and homeopathic remedies of therapy. In addition to medical methods of treatment here you can get certain recommendations on feeding and physical exercises.
We are always ready to give you a highly skilled cardiological help: interpretation and analysis of electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, radiograms and laboratory blood test results.


In our centre we offer consulting help to university students and those who work on their masters degree who want to learn more about cardiology. As to postgraduate students (PhD) we can help them to choose a subject for (their dissertation), to make a plan of PhD thesis, to master methods of research. We also cooperate with drug manufacturers by doing pre-clinical and clinical tests. Volunteers who work with homeless animals can get a consulting help in our center. Web designers are always welcome to collaborate, we always have ideas as for unique veterinary issues content.