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Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre for PhD students

Dear PhD students!

Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre - PhD students

Veterinary Cardiologic Consulting Centre "VetConsult+" offer help to PhD students, applicants for a research degree. Many PhD students have certain difficulties at the beginning of their research work. To write a thesis is not an easy thing to do. Many of the scientific directors (tutors) are often busy and don't have much time for a detailed explanation of how a thesis must be structured, it's always an individual work, an individual research, which is quite hard to start if there's a lack of experience in science work. Of course, the best tutor is that one who doesn't bother you too much. But without his/her support it's not easy to go on. Thus, if you have some problems and don't know where to start we can give you a hint. We're experienced in scientific and clinical work, and we're able to help students of the following academic courses:

We are able to help choose a topic and make up a plan of the thesis. There are more options such as: writing articles, literature search, assimilation of methodology, work with scientific documentation, statistical data processing, analysis and interpretation of the obtained scientific results. We also can offer you translation from English, Spanish, Italian and Ukrainian into Russian and vice versa. Cooperating with us you get highly skilled professional help, responsibility and guarantee for the materials that we give, texts unicity - 80-90%, individual approach. Our aim is to share our experience and make your work easier and clearer.

Good luck!