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Veterinary Cardiologic Consulting Centre - About us

Veterinary Cardiologic Consulting Centre - About us


Veterinary Cardiological Consulting Centre "VetConsult+" offers professional consulting services as for cardiovascular system diseases in small and exotic domestic animals. We interpret and analyze electrocardiograms and Holter Monitor (24 hours cardiogram), radiograms, echocardiograms (heart and vessel ultrasound diagnostics) and laboratory tests as well.
All the materials (your pet's prior exam results) may be sent to our center by e-mail or by social media outlets such as: Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki.
"VetConsult+" is a project started by volunteers. The project stemmed from our love for animals and a desire to make their life better.
Any disease is a condition that breaks harmony and balance of an organism and its natural processes.
Consequently, animals can't help themselves, but the diseases that animals can develop or even be born with are often very difficult and rather serious. The responsibility for their health and life is ours. Owner's care and highly skilled medical assistance are essential for pet's recovery.


 Rudenko Andrey veterinary cardiologist

A leading specialist and a project creator is Andrey Rudenko, Ph.D, professor.
"My professional life, career is about love to the animals. Since 2003, being a young veterinary doctor, I've been trying to assimilate and dominate advanced methods of treatment of various diseases in animals.
Hard working I found priority interests for my research, and in 2006 I made my first steps in veterinary cardiology. Thus, during several years of veterinary practice I got a lot of material (more than 5000 cases of different cardiac diseases in dogs and cats), and in 2013 in Kiev I had a successful Ph.D thesis defense "Cardiomyopathy and heart defects in dogs (etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment)."
In a period of 2007-2014 I combined veterinary practice, research work and teaching. This experience made me understand a very important thing. I came to realize that even now, in the world of advanced technologies and great sources of information, there's a lack of attention to the cooperation between two important elements: "doctor - pet's owner". Why is it a problem? The answer is very clear - owners are not always well informed that makes them quite nervous and incredulous, so they can have certain doubts in a good result of the therapy that is being done.
Our main goal is to give a highly skilled consulting help.
Cardiology is our specialization and we're so eager to get more developed and go to success with you!

Be healthy!